Diamonds WTG Engineering & Services advanced reports systems utilizes latest tablet technology and custom built software to increase productivity and profitability.


In-House Expertise & Resources:

As a leading service provider to the wind industry, we rely on our top engineers to make your project successful. There is no room for error and we know it. Diamond WTG keeps an important pool of engineering resources (both in the US as well as Japan). Many of our engineers have been actively involved in the original design and R&D efforts related to wind turbines.

Our engineering & technical staff includes:

  • Gearbox Specialists
  • Blade Specialists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Controls Specialists
  • QA and EHS Specialists
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control Engineer

Data Analysis & Reporting:

As part of our expanded service offerings as an independent service provider, Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc. has been developing new “predictive” and “preventative” maintenance strategies for windfarms containing MHI wind turbines by means of analyzing Wind Turbine operational data in real time. We have adopted this proactive approach in an effort to better troubleshoot and optimize reliability/availability of wind turbine fleets across the USA as well as to extend the life of our customer’s wind turbine assets.


In addition to our centrally located Logistics and Operations Center in Snyder, TX, Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc. also has at your disposal:

  • Service Vehicles
    • Trucks
    • Oil Trucks
  • Inspection / Special Tools
    • Borescope
    • UT Scan
    • Special engineered tool to replace large component in hub such as pitch hydraulic cylinder (crane less)

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