Diagnosis & Analysis of operating condition and drive train vibration, end of warranty inspections, wind farm analysis, parts inspections, root cause analysis, training services, power performance optimization, upgrade services are only a few that we do. Call us to find out more.

Independent 3rd Party Services & Engineering Support

Diamond WTG Engineering & Services offers independent 3rd party services & engineering support for all of your project needs. In addition, Diamond enjoys access to a diverse pool of Engineering / R&D capabilities through its parent company MHI (an experience OEM).

Some of the services we can offer include:

  • Major Component inspections (gearbox, generator, blades, main shaft).
  • Turbine “Health Check” assessments and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • End of Warranty (“EOW”) inspections.
  • Site wide performance improvement analysis and plan recommendations.
  • CFD analysis for Local and site wide.
  • Grid outage study for wind farms.
  • Training/Certification Services.
  • Equipment specific O&M procedure writing/development.

Special Condition Monitoring, SCADA and Proactive Analysis Services:

Diamond WTG Engineering & Services can also support wind farm proactive monitoring and develop “condition-based” maintenance plans through the implementation of advanced techniques. These include:

  • Diagnosis & Analysis of operating condition and drivetrain vibration.
  • Condition Monitoring Technical Support through Remote Wireless Sensing.
  • Data analysis (RCA) and engineering reports.

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