Creed of excellence in Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety is a resource of highly trained safety professionals who oversee the Diamond WTG Engineering and Services sites and facilities. We are dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents and environmental impact, and ensuring compliance. We achieve this by providing high quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency response, hazardous materials management from acquisition to disposal, and by managing regulatory information. We are committed to adding value to your business by adhering to world class safety and service protocols. We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and subcontractors first and foremost.

  • Evaluate the status of and oversee the compliance of health, safety, and environmental standards, codes, regulations, and Diamond programs through inspections, audits, and monitoring.

  • Encourage an open atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and suggestions for a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible with employees.

  • Maintain necessary documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance and responsible actions in health, safety, and environmental activities.

  • Provide training in health, safety and environmental matters to raise and exercise hazard awareness.

  • Respond to and investigate environmental, health, and safety concerns of employees at our sites and facilities to eliminate or mitigate any work place hazards.

Safety FirstQuality & Safety…first and foremost

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  • Thorough project planning

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