Special Projects, Major Component Replacement/Repairs & Upgrades

Diamond WTG Engineering & Services can support specialty projects, major components repairs & upgrade services when you need. Our service offering includes:

  • Repair services for blades, pitch cylinders, main bearing, gearboxes, generators, pumps, yaw motors and gears, FSI units, FBG sensors, electrical cabinets, and other mechanical and electrical parts.

  • Replacement & corrective services for blades and drive train components gearboxes, main bearings, main shaft and generators.

  • Power performance upgrades and optimization of blade aerodynamics, yawing, and blade pitch (blade performance upgrades and vortex generators)

  • GO stations, pump upgrades, retrofits, seal upgrades.

  • Sensor systems for data collection and monitoring.

  • Server and SCADA system upgrades.

  • Start-up & Commissioning.

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